Contoh Invitation Card

Contoh 1 

To : All Friends

You are invited to my birthday party

Saturday, November 8, 2011
At 2 p.m.
In the Samarinda Hotel

Please come to my birthday party


Contoh 2

To : Jeny

Our family will move to Bali next week.
Please come and enjoy the farewell party

Sunday, December 23, 2011
At 7 p.m.
Jalan Bunga Melati no 109 Bogor

your presence will bring great happiness to us

Jerry and Family

Contoh 3

To :  July

I want you to to attend our meeting. It will be held on :
Saturday , 5th March 2012
At 11 am
In The Scout room
Agenda : Planning about camping activity for all scoutboys and scoutgirls


     Chair Person

Contoh 4

  Dear James

Come and join the meeting on the preparation for the school anniversary celebration.
Friday , 16th March 2012 

At 3 pm

School meeting room 1

We do appreciate your participation. Thank you 


    The committee

Contoh 5

To : Mikeila

Please come to a party
To celebrate the sixth birthday

Sunday, October 17th
1.0 pm 3.00 pm
West Landing Avenue Apt 25

Please do come and enjoy the party


Contoh 6

To : All teachers

We would like to invite you to the monthly meeting.
On Friday, June 25, 2011 
At 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
in the teachers room

we will discuss about the renovation of school buildings

William Robert

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